Vinyl Windshield for Kawasaki Mule 3000/3010 - Soft Material

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Pacific Tundra
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Product Overview

2008KawasakiMule 3000KAF620G
2007KawasakiMule 3000KAF620G
2006KawasakiMule 3000KAF620G
2005KawasakiMule 3000KAF620G
2004KawasakiMule 3000KAF620G
2004KawasakiMule 3000KAF620H 4x4
2003KawasakiMule 3000KAF620G
2002KawasakiMule 3000KAF620G
2001KawasakiMule 3000KAF620G
2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF620H 4x4
2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF620J 4x4 Trans
2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF620K 4x4 Trans
2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF950D 4x4 Diesel
2008KawasakiMule 3010KAF950E 4x4 Trans Diesel
2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF620H 4x4
2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF620J 4x4 Trans
2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF620K 4x4 Trans
2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF950B 4x4 Diesel
2007KawasakiMule 3010KAF950C 4x4 Trans Diesel
2006KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
2006KawasakiMule 3010KAF620H 4x4
2006KawasakiMule 3010KAF620J 4x4 Trans
2006KawasakiMule 3010KAF620K 4x4 Trans
2006KawasakiMule 3010KAF950B 4x4 Diesel
2005KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
2005KawasakiMule 3010KAF620H 4x4
2005KawasakiMule 3010KAF620J 4x4 Trans
2005KawasakiMule 3010KAF620K 4x4 Trans
2005KawasakiMule 3010KAF950B 4x4 Diesel
2004KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
2004KawasakiMule 3010KAF950B 4x4 Diesel
2003KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
2003KawasakiMule 3010KAF620H 4x4
2003KawasakiMule 3010KAF950B 4x4 Diesel
2002KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4
2001KawasakiMule 3010KAF620E 4x4

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Model Number: PT100069

Condition: New

Description: Vinyl Windshield for Kawasaki Mule 3000/3010 - Soft Material

Features: Handcrafted and Made in the USA - Double Stitched to Ensure a Precise Fit - Includes Vinyl Windshield - Made of Commercial Grade Marine Textile that is Waterproof, Puncture Resistant, Tear Resistant and Abrasion Resistant.

Please Note:

The UTV/Vehicle displayed in this listing is NOT for sale and is for demonstrating purposes ONLY.

This listing is for the UTV/Vehicle’s custom made accessories.

Our Cab Enclosures and their accessories are custom made and require 2 to 3 weeks to complete and ship.

All PRICES are negotiable, please contact us for details.

When purchasing this item, please inform us of your year, make and model; this is to ensure that your order is one of a kind. We cannot build/complete your order until this information is received.

Description & Specification:

·       Kawasaki 3000/3010 Vinyl Windshield

·       Application: Kawasaki 310

·       Superior protection from the elements at an affordable price

·       Ships complete with self-adhesive Velcro, installation, and care instructions

·       Available in your choice of colors: Black, Gray, Beige, Red, Blue and Green

·       If you do not specify a color when ordering, black is the default color that will be shipped

·       Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery as we manufacture this item to order

·       Ship weight: 10 Lbs

·       1 Year Warranty (Includes Parts & Labor)

·       Made in the USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review